Kato Ashim

Kato joined Premier Skills in 2017 and later established the Teletubbies Kids League, a club of 90 boys and 22 girls operating in the suburbs of Kampala.

We started an organization that was timely and relevant to the community, especially working with children that live on the streets. Through our programme, children who have previously lived on the streets are offered an opportunity to return to school, play football, have life skills, and shelter. I have trained many great players through this programme who play in Uganda Premier League; Joel Kiyonga, Kirunga Hassan, and Sebumbi Yusuf who played for Vipers FC.

Before coaching, I was a primary school teacher and loved working with children. Premier Skills started my career in coaching. The programme built my skills in child protection, planning for training sessions, and leadership. I enrolled and completed the FIFA Grassroot Educator, CAF D and currently studying for a bachelor’s in Business Administration.


Tuesday, 16 May, 2023 - 10:21