Kamoga Shaft

Kamoga joined Premier Skills in 2017, and is currently coaching Life Eternal Soccer Academy, a team of 40 boys and 15 girls.

As community coaches, we use football to reach out and mobilise children in the suburbs of Kampala working with a local church and providing activities including menstrual hygiene to girls, and sanitization and wash programmes in the Kabuli area.

Today we have many children that we coach and are playing for their school teams and performing well. We have mentored some players that play in the Uganda Premier League, among them are Bruno Bugaga who plays for URA (Uganda Revenue Authority Football Club), Michael Lubowa who was signed recently to URA, and Ssebagala Enoch who plays for Express FC.

Premier Skills was my very first course on coaching football, it opened my career as a coach. It built my confidence and self-esteem and today every child that has been coached understands that I value them and always want the best for them. All this was learned by enrolling in Premier Skills. Besides just playing football and coaching you can be the change others want to see in the community. My Premier Skills certificate has value as it got me my very first coaching job with Sports Outreach & Evangelism in Uganda an organization that was using sports for evangelism.


Tuesday, 16 May, 2023 - 10:18