Fahaby Kitimbo

Fahaby embarked on the Premier Skills programme in 2021.

She is employed as a senior programme coordinator, overseeing the football department at Soccer Without Borders, an international NGO delivering football and education programmes to young people in Kampala.

Moments on the pitch are precious during my coaching. I was able to discover more by interacting with fellow female coaches from Premier Skills. I now have a network of coaches to consult when it comes to football coaching for young people.
Many young girls have been inspired to follow in our footsteps as female coaches in the community. The SMILES and STEPS coaching approaches from the Premier Skills training have helped me to improve the football sessions delivered. Planning for the training is part of my everyday schedule, especially a safe ground and carrying only the equipment I plan to use to the pitch.
I am self-driven, confident, and social when delivering training sessions. I developed my leadership skills and now taking on roles to offer an effective and inclusive space for my team.


Monday, 15 May, 2023 - 15:05