Premier Skills in Uganda

Premier Skills in Uganda

Premier Skills is supporting some of the most underprivileged communities in Uganda’s Capital City, Kampala. Slum communities in Kampala face some of the worst forms of exclusion in political, social and economic participation. These are generally characterized by demographic diversity, poor living conditions, high crime rate and disease. Slums also host and contribute to the large numbers of children living on the streets of Kampala, as a result of child neglect, domestic violence and conflict.

Premier Skills is providing opportunities for play and a positive influence for young people in these communities, while equipping them with skills to contribute to their communities through social action.


Uganda has delivered different iterations of Premier Skills Since 2008, with 40 coaches and 33 female referees trained by Premier League Coaches so far.

A total of 1,911 community coaches and referees have reached 24,924 young people across Uganda and has helped to address the country’s lack of qualified grassroots football coaches and referees.

Community Football Clinics

The most recent Premier Skills phase (2016 – 2018) supported the wellbeing of many of the country’s ‘street’ children through community football clinics, aimed at equipping them with new life skills and educational opportunities, and helping them become healthier, more confident members of society.

168 community coaches from slum areas acquired skills to engage street children using football and to positively contribute to their communities through social action projects.

The trained community coaches engaged over 4000 young people through soccer festivals and regular community football activity.


  • 184 out of school children have been supported to get bursaries and return to school.
  • 16 children living on the street have been resettled back to their homes through the program.
  • Young people have improved social skills and are able to participate in community improvement activities.

I appreciate the knowledge I have gained from the program and I feel very excited to be part of the program. I am passing on the knowledge I get to others. My family is now positive about interaction with Ugandans.

Ahmed Hussein, 13 years, refugee of Somali origin who was involved in regular football sessions by a trained Community Coach

The skills gained by the community coaches have also helped them to access other opportunities for full or part-time employment

In partnership with non-governmental organisations, the current phase (2019-21) of the programme is looking at addressing the needs of vulnerable young people and disadvantaged communities, with a focus on increasing female participation in football, at both coach and player levels. The programme will provide opportunities for participants and community members to address violence against women and girls, including the barriers for female participation in football.


  • Hope for Justice (Retrak Uganda) 2016-18
  • Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) 2008 - 2016

Group content

Before her involvement with Premier Skills, Ritah was lonely, shy and lacked self-confidence. Like many girls in Uganda, Ritah became a single mother at an early age and missed out on a full education.