Case Study

Case Study

Here you can find case studies that tell the stories of the people who participate in Premier Skills programmes.

Before her involvement with Premier Skills, Ritah was lonely, shy and lacked self-confidence. Like many girls in Uganda, Ritah became a single mother at an early age and missed out on a full education.

In South Africa, Premier Skills community coaches have reached an impressive 3,556 young people through community projects in two years, over half of whom were young women and girls.

In Lagos, Nigeria, Premier Skills has formed a strong partnership with the Lagos State Football Association.

In Indonesia, Premier Skills has partnered with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to run courses training community coaches, referees and young people since 2010.

In Mumbai’s Muslim community, expectations of girls and young women often differ greatly to those of boys and young men.

One of the biggest triumphs of Premier Skills in Egypt has been the progress made in challenging gender attitudes and cultural norms. 

In Chinese society, academic achievement often takes a high priority and the importance of sport for health, fitness and teamwork has not always been recognised as a valid addition to the curriculum.