Blog Pelajaran: Bentuk Past Simple dan Present Perfect

Dalam pelajaran ini, anda akan belajar tentang bentuk past simple dan bentuk present perfect.

Past Simple and Present Perfect

This week’s lesson is all about the past simple and present perfect. These forms are really useful when you are talking about the past. In this lesson, you will read an article about the Premier Skills training programme which has examples of the past simple and present perfect that should help you understand. When you have finished, there are some practice activities.

This lesson has 7 stages.

  1. Open the article: The Universal Language of the World and complete the preparation task.
  2. Read the article The Universal Language of the World.
  3. Complete the comprehension activity and the vocabulary activity after the article.
  4. Come back to this page and open the After Reading to look at the language focus: Past Simple and Present Perfect
  5. Open Task 1 for the language activity: Irregular past participles 
  6. Open Task 2 for the language activity: Identify the time phrases
  7. Open Task 3 for the language activity: Making sentences



In this lesson, you will:

• Practise reading

• Learn about the past simple and present perfect