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Competition now closed! We will shortly be showing some of the competition entries.
Be a guest of the Premier League at a Barclays Premier League game and win the football shirt of the team you support.

What connects your home town or city to your favourite Premier League club?

This competition gives you the chance to tell us about these connections and win fantastic prizes.

What can you win?
  • An official football shirt from a Premier League team – there are 20 of these prizes, one for each Premier League team, for 20 winners.
  • A trip to watch a Barclays Premier League game - the best entry from the 20 winners of the shirts will receive an all-expenses paid trip for two to be the guest of the Premier League at a Barclays Premier League game.
What you need to do
Send us a short video clip or PowerPoint with audio (maximum length 3 minutes) talking about:

  1. Your favourite Premier League team or a Premier League team you like.
  2. Some things which connect the place you come from or now live in (your town/village/city) with the place where your favourite Premier League team is located. This could be anything – people or places, now or in the past. If you live in Paris, France, for example, and your favourite team is Manchester United, what connects Paris and Manchester?
The more imaginative the connections, the better!

Who can enter?

Learners of English aged 12 years and over. You can enter on your own or with a friend. You can enter as many times as you want.

See some examples 

See the examples below of connections between Hong Kong and both Liverpool and Birmingham.

 Connections: Liverpool and Hong Kong
Connections: Birmingham and Hong Kong
How to get started 
How do I enter?

The competition is now closed.

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How will the winners be chosen?

A panel of judges from the Premier League and the British Council will choose 20 winners of the football shirts, one for each of the 20 Premier League clubs. The panel will judge your entry on:

  • the imagination and creativity shown in choosing the connections
  • the imagination and creativity shown in presenting the connections
Language learners of all levels have an equal chance of winning.

The best entry from the 20 winners of the football shirts will receive tickets for a Barclays Premier League game, plus a travel package for two.