Practise your English as you learn about Premier League programmes to encourage healthy eating and active lifestyles.

Keep fit

Southampton Football Club's community organisation is called the Saints Foundation. Read about how they work with Health Kicks to change attitudes towards healthy living.

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What do think a footballer would say about your diet? Do you think school children would listen to professional footballers talk about the importance of food?

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When was the last time you went for a health check? What tests did the doctor do? How did you feel about going?

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Manchester United have thrown their weight behind the Premier League 4 Sport campaign. The scheme encourages youngsters to take up four Olympic sports before the Games come to London in 2012.

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Have you ever taken part in any health projects? Did your body become healthier? How much did it cost?

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I am from Brazil. i am fluminense supporter.
I do not about all clubs but in my team the...
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Hi mafiguerb

Thanks for your comments. Yes, you're right that English can be very useful...
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My city is famous for making cheese.

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