The Premier League Trophy

All about the Premier League Trophy - facts, figures and other information.

Have you ever thought about what it is that the 20 Premier League teams are fighting for? Well here are all the facts and figures on the Barclays Premier League Trophy. 

The Manufacturers

It is made by royal jewellers Asprey of London and contains different types of silver. Asprey is a very old company – it was founded in 1781. It has also made a new version of the Henri Delaunay Euro 2008 trophy as well as the Barclays Asia Trophy.

The Size
After a long hard season, the League-winning captain has one final challenge: lifting the trophy. This trophy weighs just under four stone or 25kg and measures a huge 76cm high, 43cm wide and 25cm deep.

The Base
The base is made up of a type of African stone called malachite and it has a list of all the League winners from its first season in 1992 to the present day. The emerald (green) colour of malachite also represents the colour of the field.

The Lettering
On the trophy itself, there is very little lettering or writing. At the moment all it says is: ‘Barclays Premier League’ although this can change if there is a new sponsor.

The World Tour
The Barclays Premier League Trophy tours various parts of the world every year. In March 2008 it travelled to Mumbai and Delhi in India where there was a football festival including charity matches with teams of former players, celebrities and local children. In June 2008 it went to Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and Seoul. Money which was raised for charity from public photo sessions with the trophy was donated to a relief fund for Chinese earthquake victims.

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