Episode One - Checking in

Meet the players as they arrive in the UK and check into the hotel.

The English Game is a new series that follows Claudio and Shuna as they face different language challenges. Our football commentators watch the contenders and comment on their performance. After the challenges, the commentators watch replays of the most exciting action.


Your turn: Tell us what you think

Watch the video and complete the activities and you will practise:

Topic: Checking into a hotel 

Skills: listening, filling in a form

Survival Skills: new words



Thank you so much for the show it is simple and easy to learn .lovely

I have really enjoyed this new game because it is very helpful and lets me know new words.
I think that the winner will be Shuna.

The english game is very nice!
Congratulation for the site. It is help me in the way for learn english.
I think the Shuna won.

I have learned so many about Premier league,its so interesting.
Thank You

Yes,I like the English Game.
Shuna because she made no mistakes

Hi Ricardo

We're very happy that you like 'The English Game'. There will be some more episodes very soon!

Rich - The Premier Skills English Team

i don´t like the game because is boring. i think win suna

Hi Jorge

Sorry you don't like this game. Maybe you want to read more about Premier League players from Spain? You can try here http://premierskills.britishcouncil.org/en/learn-english/michu-player-pr....

Rich - The Premier Skills English Team

Hi there!
I found the video and the idea for the game great to work in classroom (I'm a teacher in Brazil). I'd like to make this a real class, and for this I need to know if it's possible to have this video downloaded.
By the way, thanks for all your support! I've always used articles, activities and ideas from British Council, as it is a reliable resource.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Virgínia Bastos - English Teacher at Excel English Course

Hi Virginia

Thanks for your comment. We're really happy that you enjoyed the video and would like to use it with your class. Unfortunately, the videos aren't available to download at the moment. One solution could be to download the worksheets and then the students could watch the video at home and respond to the video the following lesson.

Best wishes

Rich - The Premier Skills English Team

Great!Thanks a lot!Cheers:)

Hello, congratulations for your website. In my opinion, it's very useful for English learners. There are many resources available in order to improve Language skills.
I'm Italian and to be honest I'm sorry for Claudio, who doesn't make a good impression in these videos. Unfortunately in the wold exist many stereotyps (in Italian language, we say "luoghi comuni") about Italian people and Italy in general. I'm sorry for Claudio, but luckily Italians aren't all like him and the message that is given about my country here isn't good and unfortunately it is not the first time that I hear from labels like that. In a comment written by an user from India, you read "obviously Shuna is the winner", almost as if you took for granted Claudio couldn't speak English well.
Thank you kindly for your help and for your support.
Kind regards.

Hi Figaro

Thanks for your comments. I'm sorry that you think that Claudio is not a good representative for Italians. We wanted to show some difficulties that people who are learning English might have when they visit the UK. When we wrote the scripts, we weren't sure what nationalities the actors would be. We felt we were lucky to get Claudio as he is a very good actor (actually, his English is much better than we showed in the video).

I think that the 'obviously' in the comment you refer to is based on the video and not stereotypes.

Thanks again for commenting.

The Premier Skills English Team

Hi Jack, thanks a lot for your kind reply. I'm finding very helpful and well made the videos and I'm learning lots of new words and phrases of formal and informal context. I'd like to enhance my English; it's hard when you cannot practise language with anyone, but, as I'm interested in that, I'm trying it.
You're welcome for my comment :)
Best regards.

I love The English Game..
and I think Shuna is the winner

Hi gaaryk - We're very happy that you enjoy 'The English Game'.
There will be more episodes later in the year.

Rich - The Premier Skills English Team

It's a cool game ! very interesting !!! I have learned a lot with premier skills. congratulations !!!

Hi Sandro

We are happy that you like the website. Enjoy your football.

Rich - The Premier Skills English Team

Very thank you for this idea ! HAHA

Very interesting. Tks.

welcome guys
it's the first time to use premierskills really it is a good way to improve my english
with my best wishes

Why do you use the word " with" in the sentence:
- to register with the hotel when you arrive and collect your room key.
And the words: "in" or "at"?

Hi Chriswar
Thanks for your comment. To 'register with' something means to give your details, this can be at the hotel or online or by telephone etc. Using 'with' is more general. If you use 'in' or 'at' the hotel this usually means you have to go to the place and register there.

Good advice for tourists and new international students in UK. Good work Premier Team!

Thanks Manucian19 - We're planning to make some more episodes!

Very helpfull...

it"s help me to much

Thanks for commenting Houssem. Glad you like it!

Yup it is great. Can you elaborate me, is there any difference between forename and firstname. Because I usually find firstname, middlename and surname in the applications.
Obviously shuna is the winner

Hi Harshasri20

Forename means the same as 'first name'. It's common in British English, but not very common in other forms of English.

To me, forename and surname sound more formal than first name and family name or last name. You are very likely to find them on a form when checking into a hotel, but in spoken English, I think first name and family name are used more frequently.


The Premier Skills English Team

it's so wonderful really i like it thank you

You are welcome Monadawoo! Thanks

it's so wonderful realy i like it thank you