Match the kit!

How quickly can you describe the player? Test your vocabulary against the clock!

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i lke it

While this is an interesting bijuterii argint game for pupils, I don't see the bijuterii inox point of a fast bijuterii ieftine response. Putting the verighete inox clock to work is transforming the cercei argint game in a memorisation inele argint game. The cadouri de craciun pupil is forced to remember all the pandantive inox colors of clothes in order to give a inele inox fast response and win the lanturi inox game.bratari piele

This is nice, I'm sure my student will like it

ya i lke it

Hi Nanang

I hope they do!


this game is very interesting......

I like this game.It is very interesting.

I wanted to ask how can i know prepositions with verbs ? It drives me crazy when it comes to it .

Hi Lola

You've asked a good question, but I'm afraid there is no easy answer. I think that this is one of the hardest problems for more advanced students of English. I think you need to treat the verbs and prepositions as complete packages. e.g. interested in + noun/gerund - I am interested in football. I am interested in going to...
There are some examples and exercises here:

Sorry I can't give you a better answer.

The Premier Skills English Team

Thanks jack I think these lessons are really helpful