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About the club

About the club
Season 2012/13: 
9th place
The Swans
Liberty Stadium, Swansea
Top scorer 12/13: 
Gary Monk
Home kit: 
White shirts, shorts and socks with gold trim
Away kit: 
Red shirts, white shorts and socks
* Championship (2nd tier) Third place 2010/11 * Second Division (2nd tier)Third place 1980/81 * League One (3rd tier) 2007/08 * Third Division(3rd tier) Third place 1978/79 * Third Division South (3rd tier) 1924/25, 1948/49 * Third Division(4th tier) Champions 1999/00, Third place 2004/05 * Fourth Division (4th tier)Third place 1969/70, 1977/78 * Football League Trophy 1994, 2006 * Welsh Cup 1913, 1932, 1950, 1961, 1966, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1989, 1991 * FAW Premier Cup 2005, 2006


Around and About Swansea

1.Where is Swansea?
Swansea is on the south coast of Wales in an area that has lots of beautiful beaches, making it a fantastic place to visit. It is the second largest city in Wales. It is pronounced “swonz-ee” not “swan-sea”. Many people study and speak Welsh there, and in Welsh the city is called Abertawe.
2. How can a Welsh team play in the English Premier League?
Since the beginning of professional football, a few Welsh teams have played in the English leagues though Wales does have its own Premier League.
3.What’s interesting about Swansea’s ground, the Liberty Stadium?
Opened in 2005, the Liberty Stadium is a multi-use sports centre. It is used for football and is the home of the local rugby team, the Ospreys. Because of this, the pitch has been specially designed to protect it from so much use with around 20 million artificial grass fibres sewn into it to make it more durable. 
4.Where did Swansea play before?
At the Vetch Field.  A vetch is a type of cabbage used for feeding cows and grew freely on the site where the stadium was built.    
5. Is this Swansea’s first time in the Premier League?
Yes. In fact it’s the first time a Welsh club achieves promotion to the Premier League.
6. And Swansea’s greatest rivals?
Cardiff City. About 60 kilometres to the east, Cardiff is the capital of Wales. Out of 156 competitive games, Swansea has won 44, Cardiff 75 and the other 37 have been drawn. 
7. Which famous footballer came from Swansea?
John Charles was born there in 1931 but he never appeared in a Swansea first team shirt.  After playing for Leeds in England, he went to Juventus, Italy, in 1957 where he starred either as a central defender or striker. Fans there called him “The Gentle Giant” because of his size and his gentlemanly conduct on the field. Believe it or not, he was never sent off during his entire career!


What do you remember about Swansea?

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