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About the club

About the club
Season 2012/13: 
17th place
The Black Cats
The Stadium of Light, Sunderland
Away end: 
South Stand
Top scorer 12/13: 
Steven Fletcher
Gus Poyet
Home kit: 
Red and white shirts, black shorts and socks
Away kit: 
Dark blue shirts with green sides, dark blue shorts and socks
* Div One (Old): 1936, 1913, 1902, 1895, 1893, 1892 * Championship: 2007, 2005 * Div One: 1999, 1996 * Div Two: 1976 * Div Three: 1988 * FA Cup: 1973, 1937
Did you know: 
In 2007, Craig Gordon became the youngest player to be inducted into Heart of Midlothian's Hall of Fame. He was 24.


Around and about Sunderland

1. Destination: Sunderland
A City-by-sea, Sunderland is situated on Northumberland's stunning coastline offering visitors a great combination of relaxing countryside, beautiful sandy beaches, a lively city centre, fascinating attractions and a spectacular free events programme including the Sunderland International Airshow.

2. Where is Sunderland?
Sunderland is on the north-east coast of England, close to Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

3. Do any unusual events take place each year in Sunderland?
The International Friendship Festival takes place every July, and is famous for kite-flying. Also in July is the Sunderland International Airshow, which is very popular. Crowds of 100,000 gather to watch amazing displays of flying from the Royal Air Force and the Red Arrows display team.
4. Why are Sunderland nicknamed the Mackems?
‘Mackem’ is the name for the people of Sunderland, and for the Sunderland accent.

5. What does a Mackem accent sound like?
Some words are different: for example, people say ‘Wee’ instead of ‘Who’. So they would say ‘Wee won?’  for ‘Who won?’ Also, some sounds are pronounced differently. Some words are given an extra syllable. For example, ‘school’ is pronounced ‘skoo-wul’. ‘Film’ is ‘fill-um’. So a Mackem might say ‘I saw a great fill-um at skoo-wul today.’

6. Why is Sunderland’s ground called The Stadium of Light?
The name was only chosen recently. Sunderland was a mining town, and the miners would go underground wearing a helmet with a light. The name Stadium of Light is a reference to this light. Many of Sunderland’s supporters are former miners.

7. Is there still a lot of mining in Sunderland?
No. The last coal mine closed in 1994. Sunderland’s other great industry was shipbuilding – in fact, Sunderland was once the biggest shipbuilding town in the world, but the last shipyards closed down in 1988. A ship even used to appear on the club’s crest, but this was replaced by a new badge with the two lions in 1997.

8. So what jobs do the people of Sunderland do now?
There is still a lot of manufacturing, with a giant Nissan car plant, as well as a range of service industries.

9. What else happens at the Stadium of Light?
Besides football, concerts take place inside the stadium, and many bands, including Oasis and Take That, have performed there. The University of Sunderland also holds ceremonies for students who are graduating there.

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What do you remember about Sunderland

Read the statements about Sunderland and decide if they are true or false.


Task 2

Which award did the Stadium of Light win in 2007? Search the web to find the answer.

  •  ‘most creative use of a sporting venue’
  •  ‘most energy-efficient sporting venue’
  •  ‘sporting venue restaurant of the year’
  •  ‘best changing rooms in a sporting venue’

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It seems marvelous, congratulations to all the people who work to maintain this stadium everyday!