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About the club

About the club
Season 2012/13: 
6th place
The Toffees
Goodison Park, Liverpool
Away end: 
Bullens Road Stand
Top scorer 12/13: 
Marouane Fellaini
Roberto Martínez
Assistant Manager: 
Andy Holden
Home kit: 
Blue shirts, white shorts, white socks.
Away kit: 
Black shirts, black shorts, black socks.
* Div One: 1987, 1985, 1970, 1963, 1939, 1932, 1928, 1915, 1891 * Div Two: 1931 * FA Cup: 1995, 1984, 1966, 1933, 1906 * European Cup Winners' Cup: 1985 * FA Charity Shield: 1995, 1987, 1986, 1985, 1984, 1970, 1963, 1932, 1928
Did you know: 
Joseph Yobo set up the Joseph Yobo Charity Foundation in 2007 to help under-privileged children in Nigeria.


Around and about Everton

1. Where is Everton and why can’t I find it on a map?
Everton was a small village, which became a part of Liverpool in the 19th century. You can find Everton on online maps, but you have to zoom in very close to find Everton, because it’s not very big.

2. And Liverpool?
Liverpool is the birthplace of the Beatles and home of Everton FC. It is also a great tourist destination with more listed buildings, theatres, museums and galleries than any city outside London.

3. What is Everton famous for?
Nowadays, Everton is associated in the minds of most people with only one thing – the football club.

4. Why are Everton called The Toffees?
Nobody knows for sure, but one theory is that there was a sweet shop nearby and the owner advertised and sold her toffee to hungry fans on match days.

5. How do the people of Liverpool decide whether to support Liverpool or Everton?
There aren’t really parts of the city that are devoted to one team rather than the other. You’ll find just as many Everton supporters living close to Anfield (Liverpool’s ground) as there are Liverpool supporters living near Goodison Park (Everton’s). Most often it’s just down to whether someone’s dad, brother or uncle supports Liverpool or Everton.

6. Do Everton have any famous supporters?
Yes they do: film star Sylvester Stallone is a fan, as were some of The Beatles. And interestingly, Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney is said to be a fan too!

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What do you remember about Everton?

Read the statements about Everton and decide if they are true or false.


Task 2

Is there anything unusual about Liverpool? Search the web to find the answer.
It’s well known that Liverpool was the birthplace of The Beatles. But what is the name of Liverpool’s Airport?

  • The Beatles Airport
  • Love Love Me Do International Airport
  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport
  • McCartney International Airport

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