Aston Villa

Aston Villa
Aston Villa / Action Images / Craig Brough Livepic
Eric Lichaj celebrates
Eric Lichaj celebrates / Action Images / Paul Thomas

About the club

About the club
Season 2012/13: 
15th place
The Villans
Villa Park, Birmingham
Away end: 
Doug Ellis Stand
Top scorer 12/13: 
Christian Benteke
Paul Lambert
Home kit: 
Claret shirts with blue sleeves, white shorts.
Away kit: 
Green shirts, black shorts.
* Div One: 1981, 1910, 1900, 1899, 1897, 1896, 1894 * Div Two: 1938, 1960 * Div Three: 1972 * FA Cup: 1957, 1920, 1913, 1905, 1897, 1895, 1887 * League Cup: 1996, 1994, 1977, 1975, 1961 * European Cup: 1982 * European Super Cup: 1983 * Intertoto Cup: 2001
Essential reading: 
The Legends of Aston Villa, by Tony Matthews
Did you know: 
Villa are the first English top-flight club to carry a charity's name as their sponsor - Acorns, a local children's hospice.


Around and about Aston Villa

1. Where is Aston? Why can’t I see Aston on some maps of England?
Aston is a suburb of Birmingham. In fact, it is quite a small suburb, with a population of just 28,000. This is just 3% of Birmingham’s population of nearly 1 million.

2. What is Aston famous for?
As well as Aston Villa football team, Aston has a university that is well known for its engineering and business courses.

3. So who lives in Aston?
Aston is one of the most ethnically diverse places in Britain. 71% of the population is from an ethnic minority, and half of these people were born outside the UK.

4. Where do the people come from?
50% of the population are Asian, and many of these people come from the Kashmir region of Pakistan and India. 22% of the population are Black British.

5. How did Aston Villa start?
The soccer team was started by 4 friends who attended a church called Villa Cross. Their first match was against another church team – Aston Brook St Mary’s. The only problem was that Aston Brook were a rugby team! So, the teams agreed to play the first half of the match using rugby rules, and the second using football rules!

6. Is Aston Villa’s nickname (Villans) a spelling mistake?
The word ‘villain’ meaning ‘criminal’ is spelt with an ‘i’. But this is not what the nickname means  - it is simply from the name of the club, Aston Villa.

7. What is the Birmingham derby?
This is a match between Birmingham’s two main teams, the rivals Birmingham City and Aston Villa. It has been played annually since 1879. So far, Aston Villa have won 50 of the matches, Birmingham City 37, and the rest have been draws.

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What do you remember about Aston Villa?

Read the statements about Aston Villa and decide if they are true or false.


Task 2

Every club has a motto. But what is Aston Villa’s? Search the web to find the answer:

  • Prepared
  • Get ready
  • Preparation
  • Readiness

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I have read about the play style and score point of Aston villa. Being a normal team they have come up with great gaming and now their performance is well valued by all people around. It’s good to see a team perform in this manner and add up success in such a short time.

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