Premier Skills in Kalimantan


Safitry Wahyuni - Workshop
7th - 8th May 2012
Grand Jamrud II Hotel
Samarinda, East Kalimantan

English Premier Skills workshop in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, was held on 7 and 8 May 2012. This workshop was held to fulfil the teachers’ needs in Samarinda to improve their skills in varying and developing teaching materials for students. Also, this workshop is one of English MGMP SMP Kota Samarinda (An Junior High School Teachers Association) programs and fully supported by the local Ministry of Education and collaborated with British Council Indonesia.

I am, as the one who ever joined English Premier Skills workshops in Jakarta in 2010 and 2011.

Indonesia, has initiated this workshop to be held in Samarinda in two parts, with 55 different participants in each workshop. As the result, the workshop was held on two days, day 1 with 55 participants and day 2 55 participants. All the participants were junior high school English teachers from Samarinda. The trainers were some outstanding trainers from British Council Indonesia, they were Mrs. Itje Chodijah, MA., Mrs. Finita Dewi, MA., and Mrs. Ika Lestari Damayanti, MA.

There were so many impressions given by the participants during the workshop. They said that they felt so excited involved in the workshop. The followings are some of the participants’ testimonies after joining the workshop.

• Mr. Barlin Hadi Kesuma (An English teacher of SMPN 12 Samarinda)
Hi, my name is Barlin Kesuma. I’d like to say that I had a great experience when attending Premier Skills Workshop on 6th May 2012. It’s such an excellent event that every participating teacher would have got a lot of knowledge and experience that would be beneficial for their future teaching. We also were given supporting resources that can be used by teachers in the classroom. Thanks a lot to British Council and Premier Skills.

• Mrs. Sumirah (An English teacher of SMPN 25 Samarinda)
I feel so lucky because I can participate in this training. It changes my point of view in teaching my students. Before the training I think I ‘neglected’ my lazy and unwanted students. But now I realize that they are all my students. The clever and the not clever are my responsibility to make them become meaningful people in their future. I should be there for them all. Thanks British Council and English Premier Skills.

• Mrs. Mastini Wiyda (An English teacher of SMPN 38 Samarinda)
I think this workshop is a great place to share our ideas and opinions as teachers. We can broaden our mind to do many activities in our language class. Hopefully someday we can meet again and get many great things from English Premier Skills workshop.

In short, the teachers felt so glad to get this precious opportunity to broaden their horizon and enrich their teaching experience in the classroom. We do hope that this kind of event can involve us again as the English teachers who are always eager to learn something new for our students.

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Through reading out this input I've come to know about English premier workshop and truly they are doing good work for developing English. Thanks for letting us know.